Section C

  Compound Dictation

  Splitting dinner checks can cause a splittingheadache, even when the diners are mathematicsmajors. Three computer science (36) ______students at the US's Carnegie Mellon University were(37) ______ up with worrying about shared bills sothey decided to act. Shashank, Amit and Ashwincreated a free website, Buxfer.com, in September, to help people remember who (38) ______what and to whom.

  Instead of trying to (39) ______ out how every dinner bill should be split, the site allows usersto form groups of friends or housemates to (40) ______ shared expenses over longer periodsof time. For example, if one housemate pays for dinner for everyone, he earns (41) ______ inhis Buxfer group and pays less on next month's rent. Buxfer quickly became (42) ______among college students and young (43) ______ who often pool expenses and borrow smallamounts from each other.

  News of the site has spread largely by word of mouth and on blogs. (44) _____________________________________________________ . Buxfer automatically e-mails users about new transactions. When a user logs on to Buxfer, (45) _______________________________________________________ . Users can also leavenotes for each other on the site.

  Buxfer has been an eye-opener for Veda as it has shown him how much money was flowingbetween him and his friends. The site is helping him track US$300 that others owe him, (46) _____________________________________________________________ .


  36. graduate

  解析:此处需要修饰students的词。graduate students意为“研究生”。

  37. fed

  解析:空格前的were表明此处需要动词、形容词或分词,且能与up with搭配。be fed up with意为“受够了”。

  38. owes


  39. figure

  解析:空格前的trying to表明此处需要填入动词。figure out意为“弄明白”。

  40. track


  41. credits

  解析:此处需要名词,且能与earn搭配。earn credits意为“赚取信誉”。

  42. popular


  43. professionals


  44. 标准答案:It now has about 3,000 users who have made transactions of more thanUS$875,000

  听音关键:3,000 users, transactions, $875,000

  答案重构:Now about 3,000 users make transactions of over US$875,000.

  画龙点睛:本句的难点是数字,数字需精确。more than可以用over代替。

  45. 标准答案:the amount he/she owes or is owed is shown on the homepage

  听音关键:amount, owe, is shown, homepage

  画龙点睛:此处不建议重构,注意he/she owes or is owed是修饰amount的定语从句。听音时需先抓住主干:the amount is shown on the homepage.

  46. 标准答案:as well as the US$1,500 he owes to a friend who bought an airline ticketto India for him

  听音关键:$1,500, owes, friend, airline ticket, India

  答案重构:and the US$1,500 he owes to a friend for buying an airline ticket to India for him

  画龙点睛:as well as 表示“除……外,也……”。


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