A. It takes skill.

  B. It pays well.

  C. It's a full-time job.

  D. It's admired worldwide.


  A. A mother with a baby in her arms.

  B. A woman whose bag is hanging in front.

  C. A lone female with a handbag at her right side.

  D. An old lady carrying a handbag on the left.


  A. The back pocket of his tight trousers.

  B. The top pocket of his jacket.

  C. A side pocket of his jacket.

  D. A side pocket of his trousers.


  A. Theater lobbies with uniformed security guards.

  B. Clothing stores where people are relaxed and off-guard.

  C. Airports where people carry a lot of luggage.

  D. Hotels and restaurants in southeast London.


  For twenty-five years, I was a full-time thief, specializing in picking pockets. Where I come from in southeast London, that's an honorable profession. [32]Anyone ca break in a house and steal things, but picking somebody's pocket takes skill. My sister and I were among the most successful pickpocket teams in London. We worked in hotel and theatre lobbies, airports, shopping centers and restaurants. Now we don't steal any more, but this crime is worldwide. Here's how to protect yourself. Professional pickpockets do not see victims-only handbags, jewels and money. [33]Mothers with babies, the elderly, and the disabled are all fair game. My preferred target was the lone female, handbag at her side-the right side to be exact. So if I'm next to her, I can reach it cautiously with my right hand across my body. Only about one woman in a thousand carries her bag on the left, and I tended to steer clear of them. Women whose bags are hanging in front of them are tricky for the pickpocket as there isn't a blind side. If you want to make it even harder, use a bag with handles rather than a strap. [34]For men, one of the best places to keep a wallet is in the back pocket of tight trousers.You'll feel any attempts to move it. Another good place is in the buttoned-up inside pocket of a jacket. There is just no way in. Even better, keep wallets attached to a cord or chain that is fastened to a belt. [35]A pickpocket needs targets who are relaxed and off-guard. The perfect setting is a clothing store. When customers wander among the racks they are completely absorbed in the items they hold up. The presence of a uniformed security guard is even better. A false sense of security makes a pickpocket's job much simpler.

  Questions 32 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  32. Why does the speaker say that picking somebody's pocket is an honorable profession in southeast London?


  解析:题目询问为什么作者说在伦敦东南部,扒窃是一个光荣的职业。关键是要听到an honorable profession之后的那句话:“任何人都可以闯入一栋住宅偷东西,但是扒窃需要技术。”故答案为A。符合“听到什么选什么的”原则。

  33. According to the speaker, who is most likely to become a victim of pickpockets?



  34. In the speaker's opinion, what's the best place for a man to keep his wallet?



  35. What is the perfect setting for picking pockets according to the speaker?




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