As we all known, talking and listening are commonly used in communication, but how can you talk without listening to others? Good conversation skills include much more than simply talking to others, listening is also a necessary quality of a successful person.

  I firmly believe that listening is of greater significance than talking. For one thing, If you can not listen correctly, you can not talk properly. Just imagine a world where everyone keep talking but nobody listening, it's useless to say anything then. For another, if you want to make achievement in social settings, relationships and business, one way to ensure your success is to be a great listener.

  Therefore, in order to enhance our conversation skills, here are a few simple rules we can follow to help us become a better listener, such as stopping talking endlessly, giving your full attention to the speaker and making an effort to shift the focus of the conversation to the other person. All in all, nothing can instead of listening! (169 words)



  It is widely accepted that to live and learn is a creed of many centuries. Even in contemporary society, life -long learning still carries great importance to personal happiness.

  To begin with, hardly can anyone achieve genuine success in his career without learning . As competition in all lines of work grows increasingly fierce, we must defeat our rivals through learning. Furthermore, according to a latest survey conducted by an authority on the Internet, 95 percent of people interviewed answered that individual happiness and success can not exist without life-long learning. In addition, an increasing number of people come to realize the value of persistent learning. A case in point is those aged citizens having been retried from work , who seek to learning Chinese drawing, calligraphy and Peking drama, so that their life after retirement can be meaningful, full of colors.

  Taking into account the analysis above, we can safely draw a conclusion that where there is leaning , there is life-long happiness.

  2015年12月英语四级作文范文: 做一个行动派

  2015年12月英语四级作文题目之一是go out there to see what happens, go out there to make something happen ( 做一个行动派)。该话题属于个人成长类话题,下面给大家提供本次作文的参考范文。

  While we often hear some people say that they have great plans and fantastic dreams, they seldom put their plans into reality. These people are the talker not the actor. However, it is the actor not the talker who can achieve the goal.

  Rome was not built in one day. We should realize our dream step by step. Although one day’s improvement is little, it can finally become tremendous, so we should not look down upon the trival things. Take study for example, those who stand out in the class are often not the smart ones who ignore everyday actions but the ones who are deligent and devide their dreams into everyday’s action.

  Therefore, go out there to see what happens, and go out there to make something happen. Only when you go out to act everyday can you make your dreams come true.













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