A. 听句子(共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)


  ( )1. Where is David from?

  ( )2. Which one is Jim’s family photo?

  ( )3.What’s behind the classroom?

  ( )4. Where does the girl’s uncle work?

  ( )5. What’s on the desk?



  ( )6. Who can play football?

  A. Tony B. Betty C. Tom

  ( )7. What’s in Mary’s room?

  A. A map B. Some televisions C. Some pictures

  ( )8. What is the girl’s father’s job?

  A. A manager B. A worker C. An actor

  ( )9. What’s Mike’s Chinese teacher’s name?

  A. Lucy B. Mr. Lu C. Miss Liu.

  ( )10. Where is the science lab?

  A. It’s next to the factory B. It’s in front of the factory

  C. It’s behind the factory

  ( )11. Who is the man in the photo?

  A. Linda B. Linda’s friend C. The boy’s friend

  ( )12. What is the man in the photo?

  A. A student B. A worker C. A bus driver

  ( )13. How many students are there in Sam’s class?

  A. 30. B. 13 C. 40

  ( )14. Where is Lisa from?

  A. China B. England C. America

  ( )15. What does Daming like doing?

  A. Running B. Drawing C. Swimming


  ( )16. My uncle is actor at the theater.

  A. a B. an C. the

  ( )17. --- What day is it today? --- .

  A. It’s cool B. It’s Tuesday C. It’s eight o’clock

  ( )18. This is Mr. Wang’s daughter. is in my class.

  A. He B. It C. She

  ( )19. --- What’s in the cup? --- There some coffee.

  A. is B. are C. has

  ( )20. The man the left is Mary’s uncle.

  A. on B. in C. at

  ( )21. --- are you from?

  --- I’m from England.

  A. What B. How C. Where

  ( )22. My father has got a brother, my mother hasn’t.

  A. but B. so C. and

  ( )23. Linda. there isn’t food in the fridge.

  A. a B. some C. any

  ( )24. A supermarket is between the school the hospital.

  A. in B. and C. behind

  ( )25. Look at the photo of my . This is my grandfather.

  A. bag B. school C. family

  ( )26. --- your mother’s job?

  --- Forty- four.

  A. How many B. How old C. How much

  ( )27. --- your mother’s job?

  --- She is a secretary in an office.

  A. Where’s B. What’s C. How’s

  ( )28. My favourite book Harry Potter and I like it again and again.

  A. reading B. watching C. looking at

  ( )29. --- Has she got any sisters?

  ---- . She has got one sister.

  A. No, she hasn’t B. Yes, she has C. No, I haven’t

  ( )30. --- Where is No. 1 Middle School?

  --- It’s next to the city library.

  A. You’re welcome! B. Excuse me! C. Thank you!

  三. 完形填空(10分)

  I’m Wang Jun from China. I’m a Chinese 31 . I’m a boy. My English name is Oscar and I’m twelve. There are 32 people in my family. 33 are my father, my mother, my grandmother and I. My parents are doctors in the same 34 in Hefei. My father is forty-two and my 35 is forty. My grandmother is very old. She lives with 36 . I’m in No. 40 Middle School. I’m in Class One, Grade Seven. There are fifty 37 in my class. We all like English. My classroom is not very big, 38 it is very clean and nice. We have a 39 school because there are lots of flowers and tree 40 it. And we love our school very much.

  ( )31. A. student B. teacher C. doctor D. worker

  ( )32. A. six B. five C. four D. three

  ( )33. A. These B. Those C. They D. There

  ( )34. A. hospital B. school C. factory D. hotel

  ( )35. A. sister B. brother C. grandmother D. mother

  ( )36. A. us B. her C. him D. it

  ( )37. A. windows B. students C. books D. teachers

  ( )38. A. and B. so C. or D. but

  ( )39. A. bad B. small C. beautiful D. sweet

  ( )40. A. between B. on C. in D. next to

  四. 阅读理解(30分,每小题2分)


  Boys and girls, welcome to our school restaurant. Food and drinks in the restaurant are cheap(便宜的)and delicious. For breakfast, you can eat eggs, boodles and drink milk. For lunch and dinner, you can have rice, different(不同的)kinds of meat and vegetables. And you can have some apples and lots of drinks. Come and have a meal(餐), please. It’s a good place to enjoy yourself.

  Open hours:

  Monday——Friday (6:30-9:30pm)

  Saturday——Sunday (7:00-8:00pm)

  ( )41. This is a restaurant.

  A. hospital B. hotel C. school D. factory

  ( )42. Food and drinks in the restaurant are .

  A. small B. sweet C. delicious D. hot

  ( )43. You can eat for breakfast in the restaurant.

  A. vegetables B. meat C. rice D. eggs

  ( )44. You can have dinner at on Sunda y night.

  A. 7:30 B. 8:30 C. 9:30 D. 10:30

  ( )45. The speaker(说话者)probably(可能)is .

  A. on the farm B. at a dinning hall C. at home D. at a theater


  I am Jerry. My family is in New York. We have got a big house . There are three bedrooms(卧室). One is for my parents. One is for my sister Betty. One is for my brother Tony and me. I haven’t got any grandparents, aunts or uncles in my family.

  My father is forty-three years old. He is a hotel manager. My mother is forty. She is a secretary in a factory. Betty is sixteen years old. Tony is nine years old and I’m twelve years old. We are students. I love my family.

  ( )46. Jerry’s family is in .

  A. London B. Beijing C. New York D. Shanghai

  ( )47. There are three in the house.

  A. hotels B. restaurants C. offices D. bedrooms

  ( )48. Jerry’s father works .

  A. in a hotel B. in a school C. in a factory D. in a library

  ( )49. Tony is years old.

  A. nine B. twelve C. Sixteen D. Forty- three

  ( )50. is the best title(标题)for this passage.

  A. My School B. My Family C. My Teacher D. My Friend


  There are four seasons(季节)in a year. They are spring, summer. autumn and winter.

  Spring is a beautiful season. In spring, the trees turn(变成)green and the flowers come out. Everything(一切)looks new. We can have a t rip(旅行)in spring. Summer is a happy season. In sum mer, we can swim and eat lots of ice cream. Autumn is a colourful season. In autumn, some leaves(叶子)on the trees turn yellow or red. Winter is a cold season. In some places, it snows and everything looks white. The children like playing with snow.

  Winter is my favourite season. I like snow very much.

  ( )51. There are season in a year.

  A. two B. four C. five D. six

  ( )52. In , the trees turn green.

  A. winter B. autumn C. summer D. spring

  ( )53. Fro m the passage(短文), we can in winter.

  A. play with snow B. have a trip C. eat ice cream D. swim

  ( )54. The meaning(意思)of the underlined word “colourful” is .

  A. 轻松的 B. 无色的 C. 多彩的 D. 寒冷的

  ( )55. The writer(作者)likes winter because he likes .

  A. green leaves B. ice cream C. flowers D. snow


  56-57 大明的家在我家旁边。

  Daming’s home is _________ __________ my home.


  _________ __________ China.


  There ________ _________ maps on the wall.

  62-63 可乐对你有害。

  Cola is_______ _______ you

  64-65 我擅长历史。

  I am _________ __________ history.


  Tony: How many people are there in your family?

  Betty: _________________________________________.(66)

  Tony: Have you got any grandparents?

  Betty: _________________________________________.(67)

  Tony: Where do they live?

  Betty: _________________________________________.(68)

  Tony: _________________________________________.(69)

  Betty: Yes. My father has got a sister. And my mother has got a brother.

  Tony: _________________________________________.(70)

  Betty: Yes, I have got a dog at home. I like it very much.

  八、综合填空(每空1 分,共10分)

  We all know there (71)a_________ four seasons in a year in China. They are spring,(72)s_________ autumn and (73)w_________.

  Spring is my favorite season. The tree s are green,the (74)f_________ are red. They are very beautiful

  Summer is very (75)h_________. Boys and girls often (76)s_________ in the river. Swimming is their favorite sport.

  (77)A_________ is a cool and harvest(收获的) season. My parents like it.

  It’s very (78)c_________ in winter. (79)B_________ Lingling likes it, because she can make snowmen (80)i_________ winter.




  Name Chen Jie

  From China

  Age 13

  School Class 4, Grade 1,

  Jinsha No.2 Middle School

  Favourite sports Swimming, basketball

  Things can do Play the piano

  Father’s job A teacher ( No.1 Middle School)

  Mother’s job A manager ( a hotel )

  Hello ,I am a nice girl!_____________________________________________


  Let’s be friends.



  听力理解(本题分A、B、C、D 四部分,共25分)



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