run one's eyes over 扫视,浏览

  see eye to eye 看法完全一致

  face to face 面对面(的)地;对立地

  face up to 勇敢地对付;大胆面向

  in face of 面对;纵然,即使

  make a face (表示厌恶等)做鬼脸

  as a matter of fact 事实上,其实

  in fact 其实,实际上

  in point of 实际上,就事实而论

  fail in 在…不足,疏忽

  a far cry 遥远的距离

  as far as …那么远,直到;至于

  far and away 大大…;无疑地

  far and near 远近,到处,四面八方

  far from 远离,决不,完全不

  in so far as (程度等)就…;至于

  Above all 最重要的是,most important of all Above all, they’ll have to discover how much nitrogen it possesses since nitrogen is4/5 of the air breathe.

  Account for 解释,说明

  How do you account for the truth?

  After all 终究,毕竟

  We won’t be laid off after all.(1998-1)

  Air /car crash 空难,车祸

  Allergic to 过敏

  I’m allergic to beef and mutton.

  Appeal to 吸引,呼吁。

  Could you tell me which position you think most appeals to you?

  Apply for/to, application letter 申请,求职信

  At ease 安逸,自由自在

  I don’t know why he is ill at ease?心神不宁


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