初中生的双语阅读:Making a Kite

  One day, Paula and Richard decided to make a kite. First they went out and found two straight sticks of the same length. They brought them back home and tied them with a piece of string into the shape of a cross. Then they took some string and used it to tie the four ends of the sticks together. Then, they spread some brightly coloured paper over the frame and glued it around the string. They stuck a tail made of paper to one of the corners, and tied a long string to the centre of the kite. On the next windy day, they took the kite to a hill near their house and flew it.

  straight stick 直木棍 tie 系 string 绳子 shape 形状 cross 十字

  spread 传开 frame 框架 stick 粘 tail 尾巴 windy 有风的



  初中生的双语阅读:Perfect Match

  A rich woman is so proud of a valuable antique vase that she decides to have her bedroom painted the same colour as the vase. Several painters try to mix the colour right, but none comes close enough to satisfy the woman.

  Eventually, a painter comes. He is confident that he can mix the proper colour. The woman is pleased with the result, and the painter becomes famous. Years later, he retires and turns the business over to his son. "Dad,"asks the son, "there's something I've got to know. How did you get those walls to match the vase so perfectly?"

  "Son,” the father replies, "I painted the vase."

  proud of 自豪 valuable 值钱的 antique vase 古董花瓶 paint 用油漆漆

  satisfy 满意 eventually 最终 confident 有信心的 retire 退休

  match 和……相配




  几年后,漆匠退休了,他把生意交给了儿子。“爸爸,”儿子问,“有件事我想知道。你是如何调配出和花瓶一样的颜色的?” “儿子,”父亲回答,“我把花瓶也一起漆了。”

  初中生的双语阅读:A Barbecue

  When I was a child, I once went camping with my family in the summer. We decided to make a barbecue in the valley. So we collected some tree sticks to make a fire. My father asked me if I could try to make a fire. I was glad to take the job. Then I tried to set fire to the wood with a match, but produced only smoke. Then my father said, "That's not the right way. I'll show you how to do it. First use the small pieces of wood because they catch fire easily. Then put the larger ones on top of them."My father helped me make a big fire.

  barbecue 烧烤 valley 山谷 stick 枝条 make a fire 生火 烧烤



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