Free Admission to Parks

  1. 越来越多的公园免费开放,目的是什么

  2. 也会带来一些问题

  3. 你的看法


  Free Admission to Parks

  To encourage people to go outside and relax, a mounting number of parks offer free admission now. People benefit from it, especially during these tough economic times. With free entry, more people will have the opportunity for affordable vacations for families, taking pleasure in the natural landscape.

  Fresh air and landscapes in parks are good for people. However, too many people

  flocking into parks might not be so good for the parks.

  For example, some visitors leave their garbage behind, which may cause environmental pollution. And people’s barbeques and stamping will also bring damage to the grassland and other greeneries in parks.

  As a university student, I’m in favor of free admission to parks. Free entry to parks not only saves people’s expenditure, but also makes things fairer — people like the poor and students can go to parks frequently as well. On the other hand, visitors should be informed to preserve the environment while enjoying the beauty of the nature.







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