a healthy body is very important to every one of us. when you are sick, you feel painful all over your body, have no energy to work; and the only thing you want to do is lying on the bed.

  when you are healthy, you can eat well, sleep well, sing and jump happily, do all the things you like to enjoy life.

  the methods to keep us fit vary. in the morning, you can get up early, go outdoors, breathe the fresh air, and do physical exercises. running and swimming are extremely helpful to keep one fit. if you are a busy person and have no special time allocated to do these things, there are still some ways useful for to keep fit. the easiest way is to walk to your office instead of riding a bike or taking a bus.

  you also have to take a routine physical check - up. your doctor will know the condition of your body most clearly, and he will give you the most valuable advice to keep fit. you should always try to make yourself happy. if you feel happy, you can eat well, sleep well, and your body is sure to be in an excellent condition.

  health is the most valuable possession a person expects in his life. try every means to keep fit is my advice to the people who want to live a happy life in this beautiful world.







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