1. 目前越来越多的家长给孩子配手机,目的是……

  2. 也会带来一些问题

  3. 你的看法


  Giving Children Cell Phones

  More and more children are showing up at school each September with cell phones. Many parents buy their children a cell phone because it is a nice safety measure. It gives those working parents a little sense of control and security to know when their children are off campus and on their way home.

  But having a cell phone might be a problem. Parents may find themselves facing a frightening bill at the end of the month. The reason: chatting on the phone and sending text messages can soon become the favorite pastime of preteens and teenagers. Worse still, cell phones in schools can lead to classroom distractions, text-message cheating and inappropriate photographs.

  Knowing their children can always be reached is reassuring for parents. But before buying their child a cell phone, I think parents should decide if the child is really capable of managing his or her own phone. Besides, parental control must be exercised in the use of the phone. For example, they should set limits on how long the child is allowed to stay on the phone.






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