I can do housework


  After dinner, my first job was to get the dirty dishes to the kitchen. Then I began to wash them. I turned on the tap and water covered all the dishes in the sink. Then I added some detergent to the water. Maybe I put too much, so it was full of bubbles in the sink. It was just like a bubble bath for dishes and bowls. I caught a bowl to wash. It was slippery. "Pang!" The bowl slipped from my fingers. It dropped into the sink and broke another bowl and a dish. It was terrible! There was only one dish left.In the end, my mother cleared the pieces and helped me clean the dishes. I think I'll do a better job next time.



  1. 有时我会呆在家里做功课,有时我也会帮助父母做些家务。

  Sometimes I stay at home and do my homework, sometimes I help my parents do some house work.

  2. 我会做许多家务,最令我自豪的是我会做菜。

  I will do a lot of housework, I am most proud of is my Huizuo Cai.

  3. c。我会做家务,洗盘刷碗或其它家务。

  C. I do homework, wash dishes or do some other chore.

  4. 我建议一次给她听,我会做所有的家务,如果我可以做女装的,她不喜欢我的建议。

  I suggested to her once that i would do all the house work if I could do it in female attire, she didn't like my suggestion.

  5. 我会切换到一些放松大脑的活动,比如做家务或者读点闲书。

  I switch to mentally relaxing activities like minor household chores and light reading.


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