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  College Graduates Working as Community Workers





  College Graduates Working as Community Workers

  Nowadays,some college graduates choose to work in grassroots communities after graduation.I think it is a good practice which can benefit not only themselves but also the whole society.

  On the one hand,college graduates can contribute a lot to the development of the community.As we all know.the staff members in the communities are mainly made up of retired workers before,most of whom are not well educated.If college graduates can work in the communities.they can introduce some new concepts and methods to the community.On the other hand.graduates Can also gain a lot from working as community workers.Community is the smallest unit in the society.Students can give full play to their abilities because they have to deal with various people and solve many thorny issues.Besides.one can also improve his practical skills,such as interpersonal skills and organizing ability.

  In my opinion,learning practical skills is of great importance for a graduate.Therefore,it is a wise choice for college graduates to have an experience as community workers.

  part 2

  My Views on Micr0-blog





  My Views on Micro-blog

  With the number of micro-bloggers soarin9,micro-blog has become part of our lives and has drawn much attention around the country.

  Micro-blog is a double-edged sword.On the one hand,micro-blog plays an important role in upholding justice,advancing social democracy and providing a platform for people to comment about their lives.On the other hand, micro- blogging can also be potentially dangerous as it may give away people’s privacy. What is worse.some people argue that the widespread use of micro-blogs has made it easier for people to spread rumors and false news.and the platform is predestined for closure.

  As far as I am concerned.micr0—blog will play all increasingly important role in our Eves.Only when the administration creates a favorable condition for communication and users conform to the rules of the new media.can micro-bloggers enjoy a healthy information-sharing platform.


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