restrain…from(=hold back from)抑制..不..

  restrict…to(=keep within limits)把..限制于..

  result in (=cause) 导致

  with the result that 其结果是

  out of the question (=impossible)不可能的

  in question (=under discussion)所谈及的;

  without question 毫无疑问

  be caught in the rain 被雨淋了

  at random (=without aim or purpose) 随便地, 任意地, 胡乱地

  range over (=cove, include) 范围包括

  in return (for) 作为报答; 以报答(for)

  beyond (all) question (=without question) 毫无疑问

  range between 范围在..与..之间不等

  at any rate (=at all events)无论如何,总之

  beyond the reach of 无法达到(得到,理解)

  beyond all reason 没有道理的

  by reason of (=because of) 由于,因为

  it stands to reason that …理所当然

  reason with (=argue) 劝说

  out of reach of 无法够到.

  within reach of (or within one's reach) 够得到 ,能拿到

  react to 对…作出反应

  react on upon 对…产生影响

  react against 作出反抗或反对反应

  (be) ready for 准备好做…

  in reality (=in fact, really) 事实上

  in the red 亏损,负债,赤字

  (be) get out of red 不再亏损


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